Graduation Project

“Been busy… working on my graduation project” has been the most frequent phrase for me in the last week or so lol Mehn, i tell you… i can’t just wait to be done with this project. By the way, here’s what i’m working on…

Its a software for detecting plagiarism online. Basically, you feed it some text (usually from a written report, paper, journal, etc.) and the software tries to figure out if it or parts of it was copied from the internet as well as where it thinks they were copied from.

???????????????????????????????So far, it’s been going good, but you know, will ALL sorts of distraction in an average day, work doesn’t get done as fast as i want 😦

Oh, and here’s a picture of an IEEE Pen that one of my professors (and my project adviser) gave me yesterday.

PS: I think i know what killed Steve Jobs!!


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