Google set to retire the Meebo Bar to focus on Google+

Original Meebo
Original Meebo

Some of you may or may not know Meebo. A few years after I arrived Cyprus, I was in my 2nd university and most computers didn’t have any instant messenger applications on them (no Live Messenger, no Yahoo! Messenger, nothing) so we would all resolve to using which was really cool because it allows you sign into multiple IM accounts at once, and the best part… it was web-based (no need to download any application).

Last year (June 2012), Meebo emailed me saying that Google had acquired meebo to integrate it with Google+. Then about 2 weeks later, they emailed me again saying that Meebo messenger was being retired but that the Meebo Bar will still continue.

Google is Acquiring Meebo
Google is Acquiring Meebo

The Meebo bar allowed you to chat with visitors on your website via your Meebo account and the bar installed on your website. I liked this part about Meebo because you could get direct feedback from visitors on your website, give them a chance to ask you questions one-on-one. This was cool.

Now, i just received an email this morning saying that the Meebo bar will be retired as well 😦 Google wants to focus on Google+ services and all that. It’s kinda sad though. Nevertheless, i no longer have the bar on my website, but what about the others?!

Meebo Bar ends on June 6, 2013
Meebo Bar ends on June 6, 2013

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