An Attempt @ Something – May 31st 2013

May 31st 2013

1 Second Everyday – May 2013

“1 Second Everyday” video for the month of May 2013

Many me

My new obsession… multiple me in 1 photo! Inspired by a photo I saw once a long time ago, of a guy with multiple copies of himself in a single shot photo. It had him playing ping pong with himself, while the others were just doing random stuff all around his room. Apparently, he got bored and decided to play with himself lol

I’m not sure what got me into doing this recently, but I as well got bored one day and decided to do this. People have been asking how I did it, but I ain’t gonna tell 🙂 No one taught me this, i just had an idea and tried it… and it worked 🙂

Avast be free
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This is what happens when the office opens late in the morning
This is what happens when the office opens late in the morning


In other news… my “1 Second Everyday” video for May will be uploaded soon. Don’t forget to check it out on my Youtube page here:

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An Attempt @ Something – May 30th 2013

May 30th 2013

1 Second Everyday

For sometime now, I’ve been carried away or obsessed with TED videos; much so that those were the only “movies” I watched at one point in the past. If you haven’t seen any talk from, i strongly recommend you go over to the website and watch a few clips… i bet you’d be inspired or intrigued.

Anyways, i came across a talk on TED that talked about capturing the past in a fascinating way. He called the projects “1 second everyday” where you record just 1 second from each day, hopefully for the rest of your life.

So imagine being able to watch a 6 minute video that simply summarizes a whole year into fragments of 1 second videos. The idea blew my mind and i immediately started mine!

I had issues with my camera, so i only recorded for most of February & March 2013. Nevertheless, my camera issue has been resolved and i can continue with May. I’m excited! Feel free to create yours as many people have caught on in capturing their pasts like this.