1 Second Everyday

For sometime now, I’ve been carried away or obsessed with TED videos; much so that those were the only “movies” I watched at one point in the past. If you haven’t seen any talk from TED.com, i strongly recommend you go over to the website and watch a few clips… i bet you’d be inspired or intrigued.

Anyways, i came across a talk on TED that talked about capturing the past in a fascinating way. He called the projects “1 second everyday” where you record just 1 second from each day, hopefully for the rest of your life.

So imagine being able to watch a 6 minute video that simply summarizes a whole year into fragments of 1 second videos. The idea blew my mind and i immediately started mine!

I had issues with my camera, so i only recorded for most of February & March 2013. Nevertheless, my camera issue has been resolved and i can continue with May. I’m excited! Feel free to create yours as many people have caught on in capturing their pasts like this.


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