Reason #1 why I love Cyprus

Reasons why I LOVE Cyprus…

Reason #1: Cyprus is one place where I’ve seen drivers stop in the middle of traffic, to drop off/pick up messengers, say hello to friends, chit chat… and other drivers will wait behind patiently until they’re done lol

Back in my home country (Nigeria), behavior like this cannot happen, then talk less of others tolerating it. I would say nobody in their right mind would stop in the middle of traffic for any reason. And if ever you do, then 2 seconds after would be drivers honking their horns and insulting you, even pedestrians insulting you as well lol

However, in Cyprus, nobody really cares. I’ve seen it so many times, almost everyday and in almost every city here. 2 cars stop to say hello, or a truck stops to drop off some merchandise, or public bus service stops to pick up passengers, and so on. They are very laid back and easy going… I just love it here 🙂


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