69 things I’m grateful for…

One day, I decided to embark on a project, to write down THREE things I’m grateful for, every day, for 30 days. This should have given me 90 things to be grateful for, but I never to go finish. I started this project with a few very close friends of mine, but none of them went as far as I did.

The purpose of this exercise was the build gratitude and a positive habit in one’s life. Someone said i didn’t need this exercise, but I did it anyways. Here are the things I’m grateful for, collected in the 21 days between April 25 2012 and May 18 2012.

  1. Thank God for friends
  2. Thank God for a warm shelter
  3. Thank God for God
  4. I’m grateful for life itself, the privilege of being born at all
  5. I thank God for the fact that I’ve been in Cyprus almost 7 years, and doing quite well for myself
  6. Thank God for my brain, my capabilities, my potential, all I can and am able to do, the ideas I’m able to bring to life, the very reason for the award of “creativity & innovation” I received on the night of 26/04/2012
  7. I thank God for my businesses, the opportunity to serve people
  8. I’m grateful for the respect I tend to command among my peers, both younger ones and elder ones
  9. I’m grateful for the life that I live, the conscience that guides my decisions
  10. I may not be the best person out there, but I thank God for making me a good person
  11. I’m grateful for the pleasures of life, which we mostly take for granted
  12. I thank God for good health
  13. I thank God for my diversity in knowledge, and understanding
  14. I thank God that I speak the English language
  15. I thank God for the opportunity to live and study abroad
  16. I thank God for technology
  17. I thank God for my family and their support
  18. I’m grateful for financial independence and stability for at least the level I’m at
  19. I’m grateful for emotions, it’s part of what makes us humans
  20. Thank God for physical endurance. Someone once said I was blessed with “body” that i should be slimmer, given the stress I go through
  21. I thank God for the fact that I’ve never lost anyone close to me
  22. Thank God for independence
  23. Thank God for anger!
  24. Thank God for slaws!
  25. I thank God that I can smile
  26. I thank God for good times of the past
  27. I thank God for women
  28. I thank God that I can pay my bills myself
  29. I thank God that I can’t remember when last i was broke
  30. I thank God for his mercies
  31. I thank God for music, and the fact that we can enjoy it
  32. I thank God for good food
  33. I thank God to love
  34. I thank God that I can help others
  35. I thank God for good people
  36. I thank God for safety when we travel
  37. I’m grateful for all the stuffs that I have, even the ones I don’t’ have
  38. I’m grateful that I know God
  39. Thank God for my dear friend Sommie, who is always quick to forgive, very sweet and always happy; I pray she’s always this way 🙂
  40. I’m grateful for lessons learned in life, even those learned the hard way; I’ve got NO regrets!
  41. Thank God for web cam 🙂
  42. I thank God for willpower
  43. Thank God for Nneka James
  44. I’m grateful for all the stuffs that God has used people to bless me with
  45. I thank God that I know the difference between what is “bad” and what I “don’t like”
  46. I thank God for forgiveness
  47. I thank God for my positivity towards life
  48. I thank God for drugs and medicine
  49. I thank God for second chances
  50. I thank God for determination
  51. I thank God that I’m hardworking, even though i can be lazy sometimes
  52. I’m grateful for my jobs
  53. I’m grateful for good memories
  54. Thank God for the camera: I personally think that life will be boring without pictures 🙂
  55. I thank God for wisdom
  56. I thank God for maturity
  57. I thank God for orgasms
  58. I’m grateful for the fact that Fovi is hardworking
  59. I’m grateful for the fact that Sommie is hardworking
  60. I’m grateful to God for the good friends and people in my life, and for not taking them away from me
  61. I thank God for the special relationship I have with Sommie lol 😉
  62. I thank God for money; that is was there at all, even if we waste it sometimes
  63. I thank God for my business partners, clients and collaborators
  64. I thank God for those that believe in me
  65. Thank God for making me pass Dr. Manuel’s course!!!
  66. Thank God for my relationship with Mr. Serdar’s family
  67. Thank God I know Turkish :p
  68. Thank God for Titi Salami
  69. Thank God for Hanife Çetin

If you have the time, I invite you to start this exercise as well. Every day, write down 3 things you’re grateful for… do this for 30 days, and you’d be amazed what you’d find out.


2 thoughts on “69 things I’m grateful for…

  1. Caroline March 5, 2015 / 20:21

    Interesting. The many things we should be grateful for, but don’t remember


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