A True Friend (Part 1)

Once upon a time,in a far away country there was a girl named Trudy, she woke up one morning as usual ready for the day.but she never knew that day held something special for her!

She was supposed to go to the cafe with a friend of hers called Piriye that day. When she was ready ,she called on Piriye and they both left. When they got to the cafe  the place was so full. They walked round looking for a system to use. They walked and walked but to their disappointment, there was no space! Looking around, Trudy saw a group of guys at a far end of the cafe  She talked to Piriye about talking to them. After talking for a while, they finally agreed to talk to one of the guys. Trudy walked up to one of them and asked for his assistance. This guy they later discovered was Kheme. They asked him to assist them with the accommodation log in. He turned around from what he was doing and told her he couldn’t assist her. She walked up to someone else and again asked for assistance. To her disappointment the second guy also could not help her. Tired and not knowing what to do, she walked back to Piriye and told her they had to go somewhere else. While they were still talking, the first guy Trudy talked to called their attention and decided to help. They were really happy they could at last log in for the accommodation. He took their scratch cards and was processing it. He tried and tried but it wasn’t going through. At a point, the website was closed. They thanked him and walked away. They went to another system, that was now free to browse. While they were there, they noticed he (Kheme) was watching them. Piriye was the one that noticed it, but Trudy told her to ignore the guy.

While they were still working on the computer, he walked up to them. Hi, he said to them. Hello they replied. Were you able to log in? No, they replied. After talking for awhile, he asked for their names and phone numbers which they gave to him. That was when they also got to know his name was Kheme. They all left that day, unknown to them what had just transpired. They did not know they had just made a lasting friendship!

Few weeks later, Trudy got a text message from Kheme. She was kind of happy he remembered her. After then, they kept communicating. Even when Trudy did not talk to him, he never stopped communicating! He showed her the true meaning of a friend. Though they did not see each other because Kheme had to leave to Turkey to continue his Education, they still communicated. Kheme was a friend when all other friends were too busy to listen to Trudy. She felt so free with him. She told him things she had never told anyone. He was one person that knew her so well. Everyday, she looked forward to his messages, she looked forward to talking with him. And most of all, she looked forward to his coming back to Nigeria. This is an example of a true friend!

To be continued…

Thanks for been my friend.


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