A True Friend (Part 2)

Have you ever met someone and in no time, you wanted to know them more? That’s the case of Kheme. Most times, people find themselves in certain situation and out of nowhere, solution comes. I was in that kind of situation when i found Kheme. I have always had friends right from when i was a kid, but i have never experienced the meaning of true friendship.

There was always a burden in my heart to talk to somebody.  Almost my friends, that burden couldn’t be removed. I couldn’t express myself with them. I couldn’t be free to discuss certain issues with them cos i wasn’t comfortable telling them. I would wonder if that was what friendship was about.

Then one day… out of the blues came a friend. The first meeting was an ordinary one; we met at a cybercafe, with both of us not knowing what we were getting into. To me, i just felt he was just another friend. Little did i know that my would was going to take a different shape cos of his presence. We talked casually and exchanged numbers. That was the first and last time we saw. Out only means of communication now is through the phone or internet.

Kheme! Just the thought of him makes me smile. He sneaked into my world and now he has a lot of prints on it. My phone speaks of Kheme, my thoughts has him in it. If he doesn’t text, i would wonder what he was doing. Most times, i even wish he was around. I’ve gotten so used to his presence that at times i fear what would happen should he change. He has become more of a boyfriend to me. He’s like a brother and friend. I have come to love and appreciate him. He has found his way to my heart. I wish at time he was my boyfriend.

You might be wondering what’s so special about this guy. OK  here is why he’s special: Kheme is open, friendly, caring, intelligent, determined, does not pretend, is concerned about my welfare, hardworking, takes you for what you are, that is, he allows you to be yourself. He’s ever willing to listen without judging you. If there’s nothing i like about him, i like his letting me be myself.

The relationship hasn’t been all rosy anyway. There are times we have argued about certain issues. One of such occasions was a day he was feeling down. As always, he told me about it. I tried to talk to him but he was feeling very depressed that he put off his phone. He didn’t want to talk. I felt so bad that i cried. I cried cos i felt locked out. He didn’t believe that i cared to want to help him out of his mood. After a while, he came out of it and we made up. Despite all this, Kheme still remains my sweetheart. I would always be grateful to God for bringing him my way and making him my friend.


One thought on “A True Friend (Part 2)

  1. Anie September 9, 2013 / 13:09

    interesting piece……been following from part 1. He is “just a friend” to you but Kheme is my flat mate….lol


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