Highway Thoughts: September 9th 2013

Okay, it seems today ALL the Argentines came out to jug. They’re usually 3 or 4, but today was 2 dozens or more

8 gun sonra…

We all have that 1 friend who is financially independent from their family, doesn’t work, does nothing else & still has lots of money lol

People still smoke pipes in 2013? That’s classic 🙂

Sales for charity at Girne Kapi (on the right-hand side)… 2nd hand clothes ALL for 2 lira per piece!

It’s funny… The woman who’s son was swearing at her this morning is sitting to my right on the way back… she stared at me lol

This new Cacao Complex looks like it will be a pretty cool place to hang out in Lefkosa, once it’s completed

Askeri gazino… Ne demek?

2 week ago, the sun used to set at bout 19:30. Today, the sun set at 19:00

It’s funny how when shit happens, those things you didn’t have time for suddenly become priority lol

Be wise! Do the right thing at the right time, or else… What you avoid now may be your one and only option later. Be smart 🙂

The fear of stress kills more often than stress itself. The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem.

Why do they attribute quotes to movie characters, when the words they speak were written by the script writer(s)???

Birthday gift from a fan
Birthday gift from a fan

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