Highway Thoughts: September 10th 2013

Music makes things better… Add music to anything and it becomes a whole new experience 🙂

I don’t remember when last i saw ladies oto stop, talk less of black ladies lol just saw 3 black ladies on the road with thumbs up

That extreme moment when your bladder is full, you’re stuck in traffic and all that runs through your mind is easing yourself in public 😦

Shouldn’t have drank that extra bottle of water 😦 Thanks @nashanym 🙂 lol

And then every traffic light on the way just chose to turn red each time we approach… This isn’t getting any easier 😦

Just saw it again… A pigeon running across the road, and the driver slows down for it lol what is up with these Lefkosa pigeons?!

Pigeons in Lefkosa
Pigeons in Lefkosa

Initial plans for the office… Our first project

I know just 1 akva driver that tries to follow traffic rules, like right parking… but everyone else seem to think he’s crazy lol

I miss the mountains 😦

To become unconscious about that which you have already become accustomed to being conscious about… May be very difficult

Is the earth returning from being at it’s furthest point from the sun, or just now going towards the furthest point from the sun?!

At what point do we experience longer days… When the earth is furthest away from the sun, or when it’s closest to the sun?

When you’re committed to your job… Laziness is not even an option


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