Reason #1 why I love my job

Reasons why I LOVE my job…

Reason #1: What seems like the most optimum solution NOW could be a ridiculously stupid idea in a matter of weeks to months

It’s always funny how once in a while, I look back at some codes I did earlier and ask me self “what on earth was I thinking when I wrote this?” Or… “I wonder how or WHY I thought this was a good idea then”. It’s always funny. To me, that means I’m growing, or improving, or rather, getting better at what I do, and that’s a good thing.

However, unlike writing in general, I look back at notes I took down many years ago, and I still sound like myself right now. I mean, I still have the same line or trail of thoughts and I probably would have written the same way if I had to write about the same things now.


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