Highway Thoughts: September 16th 2013

Which business model does “ripping people off” fit into?? I still can’t figure in out

Somehow, by default, we expect others to act and think like we do. So… Liars expect others to lie to them by default.

Some people aren’t aware of the difference between what is wrong, and what they don’t like.

Some people when they don’t like something, even try forcing other into thinking that it’s wrong.

People lay so much importance on meaningless, valueless things, then fight over them… And still wonder why they’re not happy in life?!

People that are true to themselves usually find true long lasting happiness

The best way to avoid awkwardly walking into someone walking towards you, is to simply look away and keep walking… They’d figure it out

Waiting in Lefkoşa
Waiting in Lefkoşa

Wait oh… Isn’t it racing bikes that people parade about as primary means of transport? Those things belong on the race track!

Parading your “power bike” is cool and all, but as primary means of transport, is like driving your F1 race car to work everyday

They say that the products are forced or imposed on us. How can they say so when they abuse the products, purchase and use without suppose?

I just saw 2 cyclists on sedona bicycles. Attached to the male cyclist was a baby cart! Cycling with wife, and pulling baby along 🙂

Okay… Just saw another pair of male and female cyclists again… Also pulling a baby behind lol

Some people don’t know the difference between wants and needs. I always get a funny look when i say “want what you need”

Mr. Pound now has vending machines… Would the drinks and snacks inside be flat rate too?

I just found out today that it’s BMW that makes Mini Coopers

I only see the older people waking to keep fit… What do the young people do?!

Days are getting shorter and shorter 😦

Thank you Jesus!

Never stop asking why, cos sometimes we find ourselves doing things for reasons that no longer exist or reasons we don’t understand

1 gun kaldir 🙂

Depending on how extensively you use an object… They become an extension of you


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