Highway Thoughts: September 17th 2013

So… If black cats are seen as bad luck… are white cats seen as good luck??

And if black cats are seen as bad luck, them they should get killed more often but still, i see more black cats than white cats.

There should be a (medical) term for faces that don’t change as the age

Ecevit caadesi seems to be a popular street

Kids are cute when little. But then, they grow up and become ass holes just like the rest of us lol and that sucks!

People tend to forget that there’s a difference between a company (or its owners) and the company’s staff

I guess auto correct was meant to make typing faster. I’m not a far, cos it only makes things worse for me.

I have a phone with a t9 keypad and another with a qwerty keypad… And i type faster and better with the t9, even without looking

Apparently intelligent people have sleeplessness due to increased brain activity. But don’t non-intelligent people also experience the same?

“iyisiz” veya “kotusuz” kelimeler anlami var mi?

Birds standing on a wall… That should be the name of a book or movie

They were wrong
They were wrong

So dropping off passengers at one spot could be okay, whereas, picking up passengers from the same spot could be prohibited?! I don’t get it

I inquired the price for LED lamps today, and the prices got me thinking… I think i might be up to something here

I think i might be on to something here, but first… Is it possible for salt to loose it’s ‘saltiness’ ??

Are puzzles classified as games?

I think our bus ran out of fuel! I wish i could just walk good from here

There’s something calming about this spot… The lonely road, the breeze, the sun about to set, dogs barking… Reminds me of childhood

They got some fuel, but the bus won’t start and it’s auto transmission… We can’t push it 😦

Bus started…

Now it stopped again 😦

Okay, started again lol

And away we go…

Okay, i saw something shiny in the sky, and before i looked down to complete this tweet… It’s was gone!!

So i realized that people just don’t know HOW to teach others to do what they do… they use very wrong words!

I appreciate my father

Well, I really don’t understand why fashion models are skinny… majority of the people who will buy & wear those clothes are NOT skinny!


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