Highway Thoughts: September 18th 2013

it takes about 13 to 20 mins for me to fall asleep normally. Other people take 1 to 3 mins (max 5 mins) to fall asleep.

Needs lie within wants. Hence satisfying a want may also satisfy a need. However, satisfying a need doesn’t always satisfy a want

Needs lie within wants… I guess that’s why people don’t know the difference

Why do i have to hide the fact that i talk to myself when others are around? We all do it

If you don’t talk to yourself, then you’re boring and something is wrong with you… Period!

What is funny? And what is not? I find it a bit interesting when i see a pregnant woman carrying her other baby

While a pregnant woman carrying a baby reminds me of family planning, which is important, having lots of babies could make you live longer

Compared to the weather (or is it climate?) that i’ve been used to for the past week or 2… It’s very cold and cloudy for 6pm

I once knew a guy who people said he had mental problems… He spoke and laughed with himself quite often.

So… If i stop “hiding” the fact that i talk to myself, would i soon be described as having a mental problem too?!

I don’t know why, but i like lonely roads

I just realized i’d be rounding up a third of my lifespan pretty soon, and i still feel like i’m 17 or 18 years old… Is that good or bad?

There’s this lady that rides the bus from Lefkosa… Dunno where she works, but she always years neon bright colors… 100% of the time!

We’re on the lonely road of yesterday

“the lonely road of yesterday” sounds like a nice title for a book, song, poem or movie lol

Thank God for good health!

I like the city, but these days i feel more convinced that i’m a country kinda guy

Do they still manufacture mechanical watches? What of pendulum clocks?

I would like to have a video camera follow me around all day, for a day 🙂


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