Highway Thoughts: September 19th 2013

Mehn… Running a family is not an easy task at all!

The real question to ask is… WHY?

What do people look for when they buy their cars? What feats or specs?

Ah… The white act again

I still haven’t solved a challenge that 11 year old me solved some years ago 😦

So… I can see that akva got one new bus

Or… Akva hired an extra bus? Cos conductor is different, driver is different lol

I asked price for my Samsung Galaxy Chat at a phone shop today, he said 600 something! I got mine 350! Perhaps he doesn’t know the price?

S & C
S & C

There is beauty in simplicity

The saying is right, i guess… Sometimes, what you’re looking for at the moon, might just be right at your backyard

Okay… Where is the bus?

Back to my sudoku

To me, cars are like shoes… Some feel unnecessarily long, while others are just a perfect fit short

People that work at TURKCELL get free lines… People that work at converse wear converse… People that work at BMW get free BMWs… No?

Our neon colored dress lady isn’t on neon colors today lol

You visit an electrician, you see components around his house… You visit a banker, you should see cash laying around his house too.. No?

It’s interesting to know that there’s no malaria in Cyprus. You can’t even get malaria drugs in the pharmacies here. But there are mosqu

Insomnia bus…

Patches of pink, in the sky

Soldier boy’s lost… Way past his bus stop

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