Highway Thoughts: September 20th 2013

Ran up and down the stairs twice already… I think i’m gonna miss this bus!

I have some good shoes to give away… Anybody interested? I have some too that can be used for walking, jogging or working.

It’s comforting to meet others at the bus stop cos it means… You either haven’t missed the bus, or you’re didn’t miss the bus alone lol

It’s cool how the military have their own everything… Police, school, fire fighters, cabbage truck, hospital, market, and so on

You know you’ve got a good friend when your conversations usually last a minimum of 5 to 30 mins, no matter where or how you meet

Who remembers the era of calculator wrist watches?

The chopper in the sky goes round n round, round n round, round n round… Warm up? Flight test? Or looking for something (or someone lol)

What happens when salt looses its salty taste? It looses an atom? electron? molecule? Is it still sodium chloride or becomes something else?

Sugar is sweet, as honey is. And just like honey, sugar has its own taste (some sense don’t know this) but does salt have it’s own taste?

Un guys… Kebab konagi is looking for a delivery guy. Those who can ride motor bikes should consider going to apply

It’s always ways cool when the conductor is checking people’s tickets and they just skip me 🙂

Spent an hour on this sudoku, and still can’t finish it 😦

If food gets bad due to bacteria activity, doesn’t that mean we always have bacteria on the food we eat?!

I know i have shot legs, but these buses make it seem like i have long legs lol so uncomfortable

Cute pussy
Cute pussy

Just like we have elevator entertainment and toilet entertainment… We should have red traffic light entertainment… No?

When i tell people i’m a computer engineer, one of the next 5 sentences that follow is usually… Can you take a look at my computer?

The old people always make my mornings in Cyprus

So, someone told me this today… But if you check the map, there’s a small part of Cyprus that shares bored with Syria and Turkey

The neon colored dress lady is back… In a neon colored dress

I like it when people start acting “uncomfortable” when sitting next to me… Allows me to become more comfortable 🙂

Can you sneeze while asleep?

In English, I love you is 3 words, while in Turkish it’s just 2 words

So it seems the iphone 3 has become vintage now lol

These secondary school kids remind me of primary school, when i used to carry ALL my books to school everyday. Bag was bigger than i was lol

We all have that one friend that any song in a different language, reminds us of

I see rolls of pot in the sky lol


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