Highway Thoughts: September 21st 2013

It’s 8am and there’s a woman by the seaside with her baby already

A girl looking 15yrs old on my bus, sobbing on phone and saying to her boyfriend “i’m happy” me at 15, Girlfriends & Cell phones? Say whaat?

I love my bank!

I’m so excited

Is there really much price difference between a 1-door car and a 2-door car of the same model?

So i hear blackberry messenger for androids was released today… Anyone used it yet?

Shopping for charity…

I am Kheme, I am a programmer
I am Kheme, I am a programmer

When i was little, i always admired those kids who rode bicycles as big as themselves

Beware of people who are full of words, words with no meaning or message

There is AT LEAST 1 opportunity daily, to show #kindness to another #human being

Oh oh… Seems our bus has a problem 😦

There’s someone jogging under this hot sun. I don’t mean he’s in a hurry somewhere… He actually work out logging, if there’s such term lol


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