Highway Thoughts: September 23rd 2013

let’s see what happens today 🙂

The #sea is calmer today than it was yesterday

The belediye is cleaning up again

Just because we pay people to clean up our mess, doesn’t give us right to mess things up! #NONEcleanup

Wow! I’m really very impressed with our work yesterday… Look how clean this area has become 🙂 #NONEcleanup

I know cleaners won’t have jobs if we didn’t create mess, but we can make their jobs easier by staying neat #NONEcleanup

There’s just this good feeling about wearing new shoes, and newly washed shoes lol

Haven’t seen school this crowded since the era of the Pakistanis

Trying to decide between an iphone and an android phone…

#bbm now on #iphone & #android, trying to decide b/w android & iphone. I wanted 4s just for #instagram + paid my whatsapp till 2015 So… ?

Couldn’t do any work today… Stupid slow computer 😦

Unfortunately, i never get to play out most of my fantasies

The return of the students!

I don’t get this bus! The tv ain’t working but they leave it anyways & i always feel like “hey, a tv! maybe we’d see a movie on this trip”

It’s sad, but true… Some peoples’ reality are based off of some false information. At other times, it’s just out of sure ignorance



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