Axe after-shave

I had planned to stay one weekend, so I didn’t bother taking my clipper along. However, my stay was longer than I expected.

I had to shave, but no clipper. Had to use a shaving stick! I normally reach to sticks… I’d itch my life out lol Still, I decided to give it a try.

As expected, the itching started! I was ready and willing to try everything possible. Dad’s after shave was finished. I tried a little perfume, but nothing. Then I finally tried on some of my Axe Body Spray, and that did the magic… Itching stopped for a while!

So… Axe body prays make good after shaves? Who knew?! Although I have to use it 2 or 3 times in a day, or as often as it itches me, but it gave the comfort I needed.

I suggest you try it out when next you shave 🙂

Axe body spray/after shave

Axe body spray/after shave


11 Keys to Integrity

Here are 11 keys to integrity…

  1. Live a blameless life
  2. Do what is right
  3. Speak the truth, and from the heart
  4. Speak using kind words
  5. Be kind to everyone
  6. Be supportive to everyone
  7. Only support what is right, and not what is wrong
  8. Respect and honor those who fear God
  9. Keep to your promises, even if it will hurt
  10. Genuinely help those who really need it
  11. Let your loyalty not be for sale

Reference: Psalm 15

The fact that you're hurting doesn't mean you have to hurt others

The fact that you’re hurting doesn’t mean you have to hurt others

Goodby emails :(

Sometime around 4:30 this evening, I received an email from announcing that they will but shutting down the free “” email service. It’s unfortunate as my published paper on Plagiarism Detection carries my email address.

Every once in a while, I receive email messages from engineering students at that address, asking for interviews to help with their school work. A few others who have found my work have successfully contacted me with the same email address. Now it comes to an end, and this is sad!

Teta Inside
Teta Inside

Story of my life, in 20 lines

  1. was born 4 days premature
  2. finished primary school an introvert with few friends
  3. developed a passion for science, technology and electronics
  4. did crazy electrical and electronic experiments in secondary school
  5. self-learned QBASIC with pen and paper at mid junior secondary school
  6. wrote a book on electronics at the end of junior secondary school
  7. lost interest in electronics at beginning of senior secondary school
  8. finished secondary school then discovered my passion for website development and computers
  9. fell in love
  10. failed JAMB 3 times
  11. broke up
  12. did a diploma in computer engineering
  13. traveled abroad
  14. had the time of my life
  15. got my B.Sc.
  16. worked a bit
  17. got my M.Sc.
  18. got a dream job
  19. back to motherland
  20. now writing this blog post 🙂
Working on music
Working on music

Did you receive cash gifts as a kid?

I just remembered from when I was a kid, visitors who came to our house would give us money. I also remember when my siblings were just babies, when people come to visit, they would leave some cash next to the baby. I’ve thought much about it but I still can’t figure out why or what that was about. Was it a thing back then to give babies and kids money when you visit? Was it something superstitious? Was it a culture thing?

Well as far as I knew back then, it was a kids source of income, especially during festive seasons, like Christmas. However, I don’t see this happening these days. Or does it still happen?

Did you guys receive cash gifts when you were kids? Tell me about it



Misconception of China products

Just the other day, I heard someone make a comment about a Tecno phone, she said ” yea, the phone is nice but it’s China!”

I though to myself, so what if it’s “China” ? Most electronic products we know and love are “made in China”. Even some of our favorite phone brands are made in China.

Nevertheless, “China” doesn’t even refer to the place where the product (usually phones) were made or assembles, the word China now means any unknown brand, whether it was actually made in China or not. Tecno, is assembled in China, just like some iphones and blackberries and even my Nokia 101 (I LOVE that phone).

However, NOBODY will refer to my Nokia phone as “China”. That means, by the time brands like Tecno become widely accepted and become a major known brand, it will automatically lose its “China” status. And isn’t that just silly?

So I put it together this way… a product tagged as China has nothing to do with it’s assembly line or brand owner, it just has to do with the acceptability of that brand or product, as “China” now means sub-standard or inferior or unknown

I personally have a different idea names and products. I like to give new products a try, and if they meet my needs, I’m happy. I’ve had good experiences with “China” products and I love then just as much; they even have more and better features than the non-china products

Original Nokia 101

Original Nokia 101

Studying abroad is easy with DeQeo Consulting

Studying Abroad is really not as difficult as people think, neither is it as costly to get as people think. We work directly with schools abroad, meaning: your admission is authentic and you don’t have to pay huge agency commissions. We select schools that are affordable and with simple admission requirements.

DeQeo Consulting is a Study Abroad Agency that facilitates the process of gaining genuine admissions into universities abroad. We don’t just offer admission letters, we guide our students throughout the process from the point of application until they arrive and settle abroad fully and legally.

We have started processing admissions for the Fall Semester (September 2013) into the following countries: Cyprus (North & South), Canada, UK, Malaysia, Turkey, Spain, Malta and India.

WHATASPP : +905338483788
BBM : 29D72EB3

Study Abroad is easy with DeQeo Consulting

Study Abroad is easy with DeQeo Consulting