Consciousness: Reason & Purpose

Some people’s minds have been pre-conditioned much so that they’re not even aware of the things they do, unknown that their minds have be re-wired, behaviors programmed into them.

They do things because they ‘feel’ it ‘has’ to be done that way, not because they chose and decided to do them after thought and deliberation. These are the kind of people I call “unconscious”.

And yes, I believe there are “consciously conscious” people, as well as “unconsciously conscious” people.

Consciously conscious people give reason, thought and purpose to most of their actions, if not all, and more often that the unconsciously conscious people.

Unconsciously conscious people just live their lives acting out the program running in their brains, mostly without reason, thought or purpose; much like insects that fly around lights… They do, not cos they want to but cos they’re wired to, they feel they just have to (or at least that’s the way that behavior was explained, but you get my point).

The more reason and thought you give your actions, the more purposeful you make your actions, and the conscious you become, consciously.

A hot cup of green tea

A hot cup of green tea


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