The misconception of FREE

Many people have the wrong idea of what is really “free” in my opinion. On my twitter (@kheme) sometime ago, I talked about why many Nigerians use the BlackBerry phone. Here was my analysis…

Back the, when you meet someone you exchange contacts, you exchange BBM pin, in fact, you’d appear to be odd or weird if you didn’t have a pin. I was never really into the brand, but when I ask people “why?” the most common response is BBM! Why? Cos of “free” messages, no need to pay for texts and stuff.

I thought about it again, you have to pay to access blackberry’s server in order to use BBM, so the messages may be free but the service is not. However, people still call it “free” messages.

It’s very similar to the SMS package that Turkcell & Telsim have in Cyprus. You pay for the package, but people still call it “free” SMS. How is it free if you still pay for it?

Another issue with “free” are mobile apps. People prefer android cos it’s open source and most apps are “free”. They don’t like apple products cos most apps are not “free”. I once asked an iPhone user why he doesn’t use whatsapp, and he replied saying “it’s not free, man!” This is a guy who has an iphone, a mac notebook, 1 credit card, 1 debit card and spends betweeb 10 and 25 lira for lunch daily… And he doesn’t use whatsapp because he has to pay 2 lira a year for it!? Now, how does that make any sense???

So I figured people don’t really think about their actions and their sub-conscious habits have re-wired themselves into their brains as conscious decisions.

I can guess that at least 90% of people who don’t use whatsapp cos you have to pay, spend at least 5 lira weekly on stuff they really need. That’s 20 lira per month, or 240 lira a year. Yet, they WILL NOT pay 2 lira a year for an app they use so frequently, just because it could be free?

You should read this post about conscious decisions here: Consciousness: Reason & Purpose


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