Misconception of China products

Just the other day, I heard someone make a comment about a Tecno phone, she said ” yea, the phone is nice but it’s China!”

I though to myself, so what if it’s “China” ? Most electronic products we know and love are “made in China”. Even some of our favorite phone brands are made in China.

Nevertheless, “China” doesn’t even refer to the place where the product (usually phones) were made or assembles, the word China now means any unknown brand, whether it was actually made in China or not. Tecno, is assembled in China, just like some iphones and blackberries and even my Nokia 101 (I LOVE that phone).

However, NOBODY will refer to my Nokia phone as “China”. That means, by the time brands like Tecno become widely accepted and become a major known brand, it will automatically lose its “China” status. And isn’t that just silly?

So I put it together this way… a product tagged as China has nothing to do with it’s assembly line or brand owner, it just has to do with the acceptability of that brand or product, as “China” now means sub-standard or inferior or unknown

I personally have a different idea names and products. I like to give new products a try, and if they meet my needs, I’m happy. I’ve had good experiences with “China” products and I love then just as much; they even have more and better features than the non-china products

Original Nokia 101

Original Nokia 101


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