Story of my life, in 20 lines

  1. was born 4 days premature
  2. finished primary school an introvert with few friends
  3. developed a passion for science, technology and electronics
  4. did crazy electrical and electronic experiments in secondary school
  5. self-learned QBASIC with pen and paper at mid junior secondary school
  6. wrote a book on electronics at the end of junior secondary school
  7. lost interest in electronics at beginning of senior secondary school
  8. finished secondary school then discovered my passion for website development and computers
  9. fell in love
  10. failed JAMB 3 times
  11. broke up
  12. did a diploma in computer engineering
  13. traveled abroad
  14. had the time of my life
  15. got my B.Sc.
  16. worked a bit
  17. got my M.Sc.
  18. got a dream job
  19. back to motherland
  20. now writing this blog post 🙂
Working on music
Working on music

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