Dirtiness is Contagious

On my way to and wrong work, I notice these flower vases which people have some how turned into a trash bin. Each time I walk pass and I see trash on the plans, I feel this “urge” to put whatever trash I have in hand there. This always happens, but today it was so um… profound! I mean, the urge was very strong this time. Nevertheless, I didn’t just dump my trash there.

But this got me thinking, about the urge I felt today… I saw a place for “trash”, and even though it wasn’t in the right place, I was unconsciously compelled to put my trash there! I think this is what happens to others, if not everyone. And only those who consciously say no to those urges manage to keep the place clean.

What do you think about this? When was the last time you were urged to dump trash (no matter how little) in the wrong place? Next time you feel that urge, think again!

Comments please 🙂


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