10 Ways to Become a Better Developer

01.  Read Other Developers’ Codes

This gives you a possibly new perspective at solving problems. You get to see how others accomplish what they have to, what methods they used, etc. It also shows how good or terrible you are at coding, organizing your codes, and so on. I’m certain that you’d learn a thing or two from checking out other developers’ codes

02.  Get Other Developers to Read Your Codes

Having another developer check your codes out works much like #1 above. I can’t count how many times a fellow developer has asked me a question about his codes and I find them solutions within minutes of looking into their codes. Most times, like in life, an external view is necessary for improvement

03.  Fix Existing Bugs Before Writing New Codes

While this may sound like an over emphasis, piling up new codes on top of old bugs is like digging your own grave. It’s like painting in the middle of a rabble lol Your app will just be prone to crashes and will most likely be unstable

04.  Kepp Up With Current Technologies

The first time I saw my friend Samson display what he could do with jQuery. He used their slogan… do more, code less. I felt impressed and a bit jealous. Jealous because I didn’t know about jQuery at that time. Well, now I do and it’s awesome. Also, a problem I’ve been thinking of how to solve, I just discovered last night that Microsoft Blend was the solution 🙂

05.  Keep Things Simple

Every once in a while, one gets tempted to “show off” when a simple solution is just around the corner. Sometimes, it’s to prove a point to myself, or someone else lol Tempting as this may be, simpler is usually always better. And just like the saying goes… Keep it simple, stupid!

06.  Blog About Your Work

Getting to talk about your work, especially when developers are part of your audience, gives a reasonable feeling of accomplishment, you know. It also give you an opportunity to share some experience and insight, solutions to some certain problems, which may be common. They say you grow when you share; the same happens when you blog about your codes.

07.  Participate in Open Source Projects

Consider this a developers way of philanthropy, or community development, charity, volunteer work, or giving back to society, and it feels good too 🙂 And also don’t forget other forms of charity or volunteer work.

08.  Fix, Don’t Just “Workaround”

Honestly, there’s always that one time we feel really lazy and the most convenient way out of a bug is to cover it up! Hide the error so it appears as though there’s none, especially when we know what the error is and we feel it doesn’t really matter. Other times, we find a way to “hack” it, rather than just fixing the damn thing. Well, one more fix equals one more accomplishment. And besides, errors tend to affect the efficiency of your codes in some case.

09.  Test Your Work Properly

Some may say that 100% code coverage means nothing, and is irrelevant when it comes to testing. Nevertheless, as much code coverage as you can, if not 100%, is the least that one can do as a developer, in regards to testing. The testers can test the finished work, but the developer has to test the codes… each line, function or at least block.

10.  Leave Your Work Desk Every Hour

This is not another “health” tip. Staring at codes all day long can drive one crazy! It’s why I believe it’s necessary to have some “necessary distractions” around… games, a short animation, a walk around, ping pong, tennis on the wii, and so on. Take a break every once in a while, it helps the brain refresh and takes it out of it’s state of inertia. Nevertheless, it’s also healthy to “move” every hour or so; it’s not healthy to remain sited for extended periods of time…. leave your desk every hour or so, take a short walk around the office.

10 ways to become a better developerHAPPY CODING 🙂


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