My Top 5 Smartphone Wishes for 2014

Here’s my top 5 wishes for “smartphones” for the year 2014

  1. SMS Scheduler
    In all my years of using mobile phones, the only phones I have used that had a built-in SMS scheduler are the seemingly simple Nokia phones (like Nokia 101) and an Alcatel phone (my very 1st mobile phone ever). I can’t count how many times this feature saved my ass, as reminders to myself, as reminders to friends, and birthday texts when I forger. However, as the phones got “smarter”, I lost this feature! Even the SMS scheduler apps don’t work as good as the traditional built-in timed SMS 😦
  2. Better Battery Life
    Yea, I’m sure everyone else wants this too. I miss the days of going 5 days without having to charge my phone, or travelling out of town, forgetting my phone charger and not having to worry one bit lol These days, a full charge barely gets me through the whole work day with me rushing back home to “tak” my charger like the like an accident victim being rushed to the emergency ward! The smartphone with the best battery life that I’ve used was the Tecno Phantom A+: dual SIM Android OS phone, and I was able to watch 2 full length movies on the phone with about 20% battery
  3. Sync-able Calendar
    Since 2006, I’ve been using the calendars on whatever phone I have (that allows me) to plan my day, schedules, events, tasks, and so on. As a student, my class timetables were always on my calendars. The problem now is that each time I move to another phone, I have to input all the tasks and all again. I wish the smartphones would come with a built-in Sync for the built-in calendars, without having to use 3rd party apps or whatever!
  4. Touch Screen and QWERTY Keypad
    I love texting! In fact, I’d rather text than call, and I’m not sure where this habit came from, but it’s who I am now. That is why the Nokia 101 will always remain one of my most favorite (if not the only) mobile phones ever! With that phone (on T9 mode), I can literally type along with a song that has a “not so fast” tempo! I can type with one thumb, and 3 times faster with 2 thumbs! But when it comes to touch screen, I’m like an imbecile!! I press “4” and 3 appears. I press “q” and w appears, I’m like 3 times slower than typing with 1 thumb on T9 mode! Sometimes, I get it, sometimes I don’t, and it is frustrating!
    So I had turned the mobile phone market looking for a “smartphone” with touch screen and a qwerty (or even T9) keypad, and the ONLY ones that exist have extremely small memories (eg HTC Chacha), or extremely slow processors, such as the Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330 which I currently use. I wish for a smartphone in the category as Samsung Galaxy S4 in terms of processor, RAM and internal storage, but with a touch screen as well as a qwerty keypad!
  5. Standby Mode for WiFi Radios
    On my Blackberry Curve 8520 I downloaded this app that switched on/off my WiFi radio automatically based on which radio tower I select. Sometimes, this messes up and forces itself back on when I manually put it off in a WiFi-less zone! I wish that smartphones, in order to save battery, would have standby mode for WiFi radios so that when I’m in a WiFi-less zone for a long time (say more than 10 mins for instance), the radio will go into standby (power saving mode) until I’m in a different location or when I manually want to use the WiFi.

So these are my wishes for smartphones for 2014… what are yours?

"Smart Phone"
“Smart Phone”

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