Why I don’t Like Writing

I have always loved writing, and I’ve been writing stuffs down for many years. I still have notes from about 10 years ago and it’s amazing what my life was like back then.

Nevertheless, I don’t like write for 1 simple reason. Okay, well, it’s not like I don’t like writing, it just that I do not recommend complete reliance on notes or list. I talk about making lists as one of my tips for 2014 but I’ve have experiences with relying solely on my lists and notes.

What turned me against taking notes, or rather, relying solely on my notes was in secondary school when I was learning to code QBASIC with pen and paper. I had a whole notebook containing all the codes I had learned, and I never bothered to memorize any of the codes I had there. I mean, I already have the note so why spent time and efforts memorizing codes when I can always just refer to my notes anytime I needed to, right?

Well, that was my mentality until the notebook got stolen! At that point, I know NOTHING! It felt as if as the note was gone, my knowledge was gone as well! It was a complete turn around for me, and I said “never again” and since then, I use my brain for notes and paper as backup, so to speak. Years later, I took to writing and combining both has worked well for me.

So even when I make lists, I take not of the content of my list so that in case I forget the list, or can’t access them, I will not be stranded. Here’s another example…

Just last month or so, I and my colleague went shopping for supplies to setup our new office. He had the list of items to purchase on his iPhone. We created the list together, but naturally as I explained above, I also had this list in my head too. 2 items down the list, his iPhone (like all iPhones) ran out of battery! lol He was furious about the phone dying on him and I asked why. He said the list was in the phone, and I said, well, that doesn’t stop us, does it? The guy didn’t know or remember a single item from the list! Can you imagine? If I wasn’t with him, he would have had to leave the shop, recharge his phone then return to continue shopping!

Anyways, we shopped from the list in my head until one of the workers were kind enough to charge his phone for a few minutes. By the time his battery was enough to carry the phone, we were done and just had to use the list in his phone to compare all what we got.

While some people don’t do any kind of writing (notes, thoughts, lists, etc.) I still do highly recommend writing, but just don’t empty your brain into your writings, make a backup up there as well 🙂

Note taking
Note taking

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