The Illusion of “Multitasking”

Many people I’ve met like to take pride in the fact that they can “multitask”. When you really break it down, one can’t actually multi-task, as people say it. Multi-tasking would mean doing more than one thing at a time simultaneously, which, you cant do, for most things.

Instead, what I try to do is focus on many things, but 1 thing at a time… finish with one task, then move on to the next one. Else, you end up splitting your time among several tasks, and end up either not completing any and not really giving attention to any. You tend to accomplish more when you focus on the tasks one at a time, giving full attention to the present task.

So my advise… pick one thing, and focus on that one thing, give it your 100% before moving on the the next task… you would work smarter and with more efficiency

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