Work with Lists

Lists are very useful when it comes to keeping track of things, such as tasks, projects, work to be done, and so on. I have been a ‘lists’ person for white a while now, and I can say confidently that my life is pretty organized as a result.

But while lists are a good thing, I always advise people not to rely solely on lists. What I mean is, don’t just make a list without knowing (or memorizing) what’s on that list. For instance, having a list of items to purchase during your weekly shopping comes quite handy… you don’t buy things you don’t need, or overspend. But what happens when you forget your list? Or your mobile phone (which has your list) battery dies a few minutes after you arrive the market??

This happened to me and a friend while we were shopping for office items one day. We had created a list together, but normally, I already had most of the list in my head after we made it. Two items down the list, his iphone containing the list suddenly dies on us. I told him, well, just use the list in your head. And he was like, with the list in my phone why should I carry it in my head again?! For John’s sake, we have brains capable of storing gigabytes of data and yet we refuse to store a simple list of 12 items just cos our phones can?? Anyways, at the end of the day, we completed the shopping using the list from my head, and the day was saved 🙂

Use lists, for shopping, traveling routes, personal notes, to-do lists, and so on. But also carry that list in your head, just in case, cos trust me, I’ve had a terrible experience once.

PS: Try this Android app that I use for keeping notes:


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