The Concept of Permanent Backup

A couple of years ago, I visited a friend who had 2 laptops. It felt crazy to me, so I asked “What the hell man, 2 laptops?” And he goes on to explain how he never wants to find himself in a situation where he doesn’t have even one laptop. He called it “Permanent Backup”

From that day, it stuck to my head and unconsciously, I have adopted that idea. Today, yes, in more ways than one, I have permanent backups for several things… Mobile phones, Laptop, Sound system, Laptop bag, Mobile phone headsets, Earphones, Pen, Screw driver set, wrist watch, writing pad, traveling bag, laptop charger, and the list goes on.

There once was a time I suffered for months of not having a laptop. As a computer engineer, that’s a nightmare! One time, I had an urgent request to design a website, and I had no laptop to do it with lol Also, there was a period I had cell phone problems, and it was huge for me… couldn’t even send a text or call! It sucked! Since then, I said never again!! A friend of mine has just 1 pen. Yea, seriously, a single pen! And whenever he’s without it, he’s pen-less. Imagine that! Meanwhile, I have over 100 pens or pencils to write with.

So maybe it’s time for some of you to consider having a permanent backup of things you use quite often, or things depend on a lot.

My pen/pencil collection as at 2011
My pen/pencil collection as at 2011

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