7 More Things You Can Eliminate From Your Bag/Briefcase

In September of 2013, I successfully got rid of my wallet, based on answers to some simple questions I asked myself.

Fast forward to February 2014, I was having a talk with my boss at work and I managed to help him get rid of some items from his bag/briefcase, and that gave me an idea for an article. Here they are…

  1. Book or Novel
    Perhaps you have that book or novel you have in your bag, just in case you have some spare time to kill. Well, ask yourself this… when last did you actually do some reasonable (like 15 mins) reading of that book??? I used to do this before, but I realized that I never actually had the time to read the book while out of the house. If ever I did, it was so insignificant that I could have covered the same lines/pages at home while cooking or even on the toilet. So… get rid of that book, save some space and weight from your bag
  2. Laptop
    Besides at home, and/or at work, where else do you actually use your laptop? On the train? In the bus? At a friend’s? At parties? At lunch? Well, not really anywhere else! I carried my laptop with me almost everywhere for years. However, I did so cos I always took work with me. Now, I’ve separated work from personal life and I’ve dropped my laptop for good. So I made my boss realize that the laptop only goes from home to work, and vacations. There’s no need to take it anywhere else… lighten up your bag!
  3. Laptop Charger
    Yes, you’ve gotten rid of the laptop, now get rid of the laptop charger. Before I dropped my laptop for good, I usually left home without a charge, in order to automatically reduce my “work” time and increase my social time once out of the house. Again, unless you plan to do some serious work, leave your charger behind. Or, if you like the idea of “Permanent Backup” then have one charger at home, and one at work (like I did for 2 year). Lose the laptop charger
  4. Phone Charger
    With car chargers, why carry a phone charger in your bag? And with mobile phone chargers so cheap, simply put one at work and one at home. Or with most phones charging via USB cables, just have a USB cable permanently attached to your computer at work (like I do). My advise to him was… Keep a car charger permanently, one at home and a USB cable permanently at work, and that give you a lighter bag
  5. Contact/Business Cards
    One of the first things I took out from my wallet before I dropped it for good, were the contact cards. There were so many and every once in a while, they multiply. The funny thing was that I barely ever refer to them. I only used 1 and I did so once in a while (like 5 times in a year lol). Besides, with phones storing up to 1,000 contacts, why not save the numbers on your phone (like I told my boss) and dump the contact cards!? Save some space in your bag… lose the cards 🙂
  6. Checkbook
    I don’t recall how often I saw that checkbook in his bag, which he only used once or twice in a month. And whenever you have to use a checkbook, you would know. Which means, you can keep your checkbook at home (or at work) and only take it out when you know you’d need it.
  7. Your Own Contact/Business Cards
    I used to carry a pack of contact cards with me, and I realized that I only needed a few per day. So I got rid of all, and left a few (3 to 5) per day, and whenever it depleted, I’d replenish them. So simply keep 3 to 10 (depending on how often you give out your cards) cards with you, and have a stash in your car, at home and at work.

So think about it, and ask yourself… do you REALLY really need every item inside your back or briefcase?


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