4 Reasons to be Single

I once told a friend of mine that I was still single, and she responded with “oh, I’m sorry”, as if I said I was dying of AIDS! I don’t get what the stigma is about being single. It’s so bad that people are scared to be single. Some people I know are more scared than being single than death! Like something definitely has to be wrong with you to be single. Well, here are 4 (more) reasons to be single…

  1. Free Time
    This is my favorite. When you’re single, you have no “obligation” to be places with your partner. You have more time to do more of the things you love.
  2. No Drama
    I love this one too. Last time I was with my family, within a space of 12 hours, I walked pass two of my siblings (at different times of the day) explaining over and over on the phone “no, it’s not what you think! No seriously, I was busy helping my brother”, “I don’t know what else I can do to make you believe me, or do you want to ask my sister?”, “My phone wasn’t with me, we were praying in the other parlor so I didn’t see your text until now” and as I walked pass, I asked “relationship problem?” and they’re like “mehn, I’m tired!” and a smile saying… “thank God I’m singe :-p”
  3. You Don’t Need Another Human Being to be Happy!
    I really don’t need to explain this, but I would. Let’s look at it this way… If you lack happiness, and desire and you go into a relationship in hopes of finding happiness, that means you bring “lack” into the relationship, or an absence of happiness. And if your partner is also looking for that happiness, then you have to unhappy people who bring both their unhappiness into the relationship… what do you get out of that!? Definitely NOT happiness. One must first find happiness within themselves, and then when you both come into a relationship, you both bring that happiness into that relationship, and I don’t need to tell you the rest. I can’t count how many times I heard the lamentation “I thought I would be happy!”
  4. More Time to Figure Yourself Out
    Finally, as a single person you get more time to figure yourself out, and know who you really are, before you get into any relationship. People don’t even know who they are, and they jump into a relationship and “who” they are becomes built around their partner. And like someone said, when the relationship is over, you can tell who you were without that person.
  5. And yea, of course, you get to spend a lot less 🙂

Think about it


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