1 Tip for Social Media… Never Like Your Own Posts!

The title applies to those in social media management and/or when it comes to posts of a facebook page, linked in page, and so on. It doesn’t necessarily apply to personal accounts like your personal twitter profile.

A while ago, I used to like my own posts just to get the comments and likes started, and I was okay with it. However, with time, it started to feel weird. Then people started talking about how “pathetic” it is liking one’s own posts, or favoriting one’s own tweets (for instance). Eventually, I stopped. Even though I liked my own posts on my personal profile, I never really liked my own posts on pages that I managed, and I’m not sure why.

If you’re in social media management, there’s a rule of thumb not to like your own posts. Just last week, out of curiosity I decided to like one of my blog posts and wordpress sent me the following emai…

So that’s it, I rest my case 🙂


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