10 Tips for a Better & Happier YOU!

1. Follow Your Instincts
I mean, that “gut” feeling you get on the inside about something. If it doesn’t fee right, then that might just be the sign you’re looking for… not to do it.

2. Speak Honestly
Say exactly what you mean, honestly, not what you think the listener expects or wants to hear. Just speak your mind, clearly and honestly.

3. Happiness First
Trying to please people is like a full time job that you never get paid for. Really, your happiness comes first, else you wouldn’t have much of that “happiness” to share with others.

4. The Bright Side
Trust me, there really is a bright side to everything. A flooded office is just an opportunity to wash the office floors. A broken relationship is an opportunity to meet a better partner. In most situations, there’s always a positive side to it… look for it, and you will always be happy (cos that’s how I roll).

5. Be Hopeful
Never stop dreaming! The universe always provides opportunities for us to meet with making our dreams a reality, time and time again. It could be a dream from years past; it still doesn’t matter… keep the dream alive, and never lose hope of fulfilling the. I can’t count how many dreams of mine that seemed forgotten or chattered that later got fulfilled in my life (even years after), and I remain glad for being hopeful.

6. Learn to Say NO!
There’s a time for everything: a time for a “yes” and a time for a “no”. Learn to say no when you have too, or else you would find yourself overwhelmed someday with several situation which a simple “no” could have saved you from.

7. If You Can, Why No?
Like saying “NO!”, you should learn to say yes too. If there’s something that you can do absolutely, without losing anything at all, then put your pride and/or ego down and just say “YES!”

8. Love Thy Self!
In other words, be nice to yourself and treat yourself well. That means you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself, give yourself a break every once in a while and treat YOU like a growing babe who needs “pampering” and occasional scolding.

9. Be Realistic
There are going to be many things in life which you will have zero control over. The worst you can do to yourself is feel bad about the fact that you can’t help. In that case, be realistic, just let go, and accept the reality of your situation. If anything falls within your control, play your role and redeem yourself. Else, skip and move on with life.

10. Avoid Unnecessary Drama, and negativity
We all need some drama in our lives in order to create balance. However, some are completely unnecessary and a total waste of time, emotions and efforts. Stay away from such, and you will be much happier in life (even those around you).

And a bonus for you…LOVE!
Like it says in Romans 13:8… owe no one anything, but love!


Do you agree with my list? Or do you have something to add? Comments are welcome below.


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