Tip For Salad Lovers (Green Pepper)

Here’s one tip for salad lovers…

To enhance the taste of your salads, simply slice a couple of Green Pepper in it. Green pepper can also be used to add flavor to beans, and tomato stew 🙂

Green Pepper
Green Pepper

There’s a Kebab shop close to where I work and I used to eat Kebabs there a lot. With bring alone wit each plate, one roasted green pepper. For years, I would just throw it away or not eat it. Once day, I decided to give it a try. I thought to myself that if they put it there, they it should be eaten and not for decoration lol I gave it a bite, and my taste bugs were opened to the world of green pepper… In my next salad, I included it and the taste was never the same again! That’s how green pepper made its way into my Special Salad 🙂


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