The Misconception of Soulmates

I often hear people talk about their “soulmates” and they sound like their soul mate is the one and ONLY person for them. Well, I’ve thought about the whole “soulmate” idea, and here’s what I think…

As a student in school, you belong to a class. Everyone in that same class with you, are your classmates. Is there a ONE and ONLY classmate for you? No! So anyone in the same class as you is your classmate.

Likewise, when you share a house with someone, they become your housemate. House-mates come and go, like roommates. Anyone that shares the same room or house with you becomes your roommate or housemate respectively.

So when you consider all the situations where you have “mates” (people at the same level as you), we see that there isn’t just ONE mate in life, no? So when then do people say that there’s a ONE and ONLY soulmate for them?

A soulmate simply means you’re mates or the same at the soul level. You’re on the same level, at the soul level… soul-mates. Being soulmates with someone, you’re like a wall socket. While not any plug would fit into you, there are many other plugs that would fit in perfectly.

What I’m trying to say is that, soulmates come and go, just like housemates, classesmates and so on. So don’t get anchored to one person because they were your soulmate; another will come 🙂

PS: Being soulmates isn’t always about love!


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