3 Email Tips (By Successful People)

When it comes to the habits of successful people, it’s not that the successful DO these things in order to be come successful. It’s just that when you compare the habits of successful people, there are many similarities.

Here are 3 tips for emailing, as found in common with successful people 😉

1. Straight To The Point!
Furnishing the email with all or too much details might sound like a really good idea, but the recipient do not always need all that information or don’t have time to read through all that, especially when they’d rather just go straight to the point. This is why I hate negotiations at the point of sale! I just wanna get to the point right away. If they have questions, they would ask, then you can provide extra details.

2. Keep It Short!
I’ve never really been a fan of reading, so an email with any and long paragraphs automatically discourage my from reading it. It’s the same with busy people, and as you know, time is money. If you want higher response rates to your emails, just like tip #1, keep it short. Make it easy to read by using bullet points and/or short paragraphs.

3. Great Subject!
Most times, the subject line of your email would determine if it would be opened or not. A great subject line should be about 3 to 5 words long if possible, and should but a summary of the email message itself. That way, the reader has an idea what you’re about to talk about.

Practice these 3 tips and watch your email response change in a week to a month.

3 Email Tip
3 Email Tips

Happy emailing 🙂


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