7 Tips to Get You Started with Blogging

Sometime last month, a friend asked me for tips on how to start blogging, and here’s what I had to say (in no particular order)

1. Topic or Context
Decide on what you want to blog about… tech, health, body building, and so on. Blog about that one thing you’re really good at or know so much about. You can also make a mix of different stuff.

2. Categories
Even if you’re not going to blog about a mixture of things, even if you’re blogging about one topic, it’s good to categorize similar posts and group them together.

3. Consistence
Try to be regular in your posting, it helps your blog grow… weekly, daily, monthly, just keep it regular. Some people suggest making a calendar, I just go with the flow. From experience, I got the most visitors when I posted one article per day, and the traffic was continuous.

4. References (Links)
Use links… make references to things you talk about. Provide links to the pages you got info from, or about the things you’re talking about. Also link to other blogs, that also drives traffic from that blog back to yours… it works both ways.

5. Photos
Use photos… use relevant photos in your blog posts… they have to be relevant. Your posts would look better with photos, but if there is no need for a picture… do not put it.

6. Blogging Platform
Decide on which blog service to use, simply pick one you’re comfortable with. Personally, I like LinkedIn or wordpress, after trying Blogger and Joomla. I think wordpress is fine for a newbies, while LinkedIn is fine for professionals.

7. Social Media Sharing
Link your blog with your social media accounts, so that whenever you post something new, it sends links to your twitter, facebook and so on. If you choose not to, then you have to share the links manually on your social media accounts in order to extend the reach of your blog posts.

That’s about it. If anything else, lemme know.


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