Interesting… but useless, nontheless

Did you know that chickens can’t see light? Or that fried egg doesn’t have that taste because it’s fried but because the white and the yoke are mixed together and cooked, that is to say that fried or boiled, scrambled eggs taste the same.

Every once in a while, we come across some interesting, but rather useless facts, knowledge or piece of information (like the examples above). Sometimes I find myself liking pages with cool facts and information. However, after sometime, I asked myself “dude, seriously, so now that you know this, how does it affect or improve your life??” And the answer, more often than not, is that it doesn’t.

How often to you find yourself spending your time on useless info? When you could be spending that time on actually useful stuff that could actually improve your life? To here’s one time management tip: Learn to separate the trivial from the nontrivial, and save yourself some useful time 🙂

So, yeah!
So, yeah!

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