Building Competence

So how can one build competence in their field?

So how can someone start working towards this career? (Volunteer opportunities, skills)

Take my field for instance. To be in the IT field, specifically Computer Engineering, one should have a genuine interest in computers, both hardware and software. Anyone can “train” in the field of computers, but those who are “natural” in it get an advantage. A genuine interest, not just a temporary flair soon extinguished by difficulties.

Next, explore your interests, be inquisitive, have a burning desire to learn more and improve your knowledge. Be willing and ready to improve what you know, extent your knowledge. Not just knowledge, but relevant or practical and applicable knowledge.

Finally, find new ways to practice the new things you learn… experiment, challenge yourself by giving yourself tasks, see how far you can go, and that’s one of the ways it can become second-nature to you. Challenge yourself by putting what you know to practice in more ways than you had learned or were taught. This is how you become flexible, and a master of what you do.

Also be ready to work. Volunteer opportunities are a great way to practice your skills and improve yourself to get better.


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