7 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followership

Here are 7 more ways you can increase your follower-ship (or active followers) on twitter…

1. Profile Photo
One of the reasons some people (like me, probably) would second guess following you may just be due to the fact that you have no profile photo. You leave the default photo of an egg there, and like someone said, you’re an “egghead”. Put a profile photo that gives people a first glance impression about you, without having to ask.

2. Bio
Your bio gives prospective followers a little more idea about who you are and what your deal is. You have just 160 characters for a bio… use it!!  The lack of a bio just might be keeping new followers away, because they’re not sure what to expect if or after they follow you. What do you do? What are your interests? What are your tweets about? Give them something (a bait), a reason to follow you.

3. Don’t Tweet Too Often!
When I visit people’s twitter and I see tweets like every second, or every other second, I stay away. It scares some people away. I’ve had annoying experiences like having my tweeter feed cluttered with such tweets, and not to talk of the never ending mobile notifications on my phone. Cut your tweets down with moderation and keep it relevant or thoughtful.

4. Don’t Tweet Too Seldom lol
Yes, that too lol When someone visit your twitter profile and see you’ve only posted 100 tweets, and the last tweet was in January 2014… chances are that they probably will NOT follow you (unless you’re really famous lol). Try to keep up with tweeting. Some recommend at least 2 to 5 times a day, or 5. If you have to tweet more than 5, keep it relevant.

5. You Follow Way Too Many People
Unless they’re looking for free followers (which you present yourself to be), following way too many people than are following you, is a kind of turn off for some. Try to maintain some kind of balance between those you follow and those following you. Imagine you’re following 2,300 people while you have 700 followers… it doesn’t seem likely that others will want to follow you. It’s normally recommended that you follow back those who follow you (if you feel the need to).

6. Don’t Be Ant-Social
On your profile, there are no mentions, retweets, replies or favorites; you come off as anti-social. People may assume you are only on twitter to tweet about yourself rather than also interact with your fellow human beings. Would you follow such person? I most probably wouldn’t. Interact a little, it get’s people talking with and about you, and more people see these interactions and would want to be a part of it.

7. Don’t Use (Free) Auto Direct Messaging Services
When you use some of those auto direct messaging services (especially the free ones), your followers will know that you’e too busy to even take the time to write them 140 characters of message. It’s even worse when message isn’t something personal, but more of a marketing pitch, with a link to your facebook or something lol. Just take the time to write a simple message, even as simple as “Thank you for following :)”


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