Is the quality of Man’s life really a product of his thought life?


Is the quality of Man’s life really a product of his thought life? Are all the battles won or lost really first fought in the mind? Can a man ACTUALLY move his life from nowhere to the top of somewhere just by changing his thoughts? Hmmm.


Well I’m glad that you bring that up. First, consider what it says in Romans 12:2, about transformation through changing your mind (thoughts).

Your thought (and perspective) is everything. If you think that a door is locked, you will not try to get through. If you think a chair will hold you when you sit on it, you will sit comfortably. But if you think the chair is broken and will not hold you, you will not even attempt sitting on it.

You cannot live a life that you cannot first think up or imagine. When someone takes their own life, they think that life isn’t work living. But you haven’t thought that way, hence you haven’t taken your own life.

If you think something is impossible (for instance, to make wealth through legal means) then that mindset will guide every action you make, ultimately. If you think snakes cannot harm you, it will reflect in how you live your life (for instance).

Unfortunately, we are slaves to our thoughts, mindsets and consciousness. Only a few dare to defy that which they already know, and transform their lives by renewing their minds.


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