The Reason Men Constantly Think of Sex

I have been obsessed with TED talks in recent years that I now have about 25GB worth of TED videos, and I now prefer them to watching regular movies.

In my collection, I saw a talk by Mary Jespen about how she experimented on herself in an attempt to regain her intelligence after a brain surgery. Although her talk was NOT about sex or men, in the start of her talk she mentioned how her experiments lead to understanding why young men seem to constantly think about sex.

You know how women seem to get emotional and cranky when they’re hormonal, for instance, link when they’re on their periods? Well, it turns out that the equivalent reaction to men being hormonal (according to me, according to Mary) is arrogance and constantly thinking of sex lol

I have edited the full video so it outlines the section of her TED talk where she explains her experience.


The Full video can be found here, if you are interested:


What do you think about her discovery? Do you agree? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below


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