Viber is Now Available on Computers

So apparently, Viber launched their desktop version back in February, but Yea, I only noticed it last night when I visited the Viber sticker market on my mobile. I saw some stickers with the note *free on desktop. Out of curiosity, I checked the website out this morning and yea… there’s now Viber for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Viber for PC
Viber for PC

First they came with Viber Out, where  you can make phone calls from Viber to actual phone numbers for a small fee, kind of like Skype. I thought it was a brilliant idea! Now they come up with Viber for computers? I think Viber is trying well to keep up with competition. One thing I love about Viber though it their stickers! It sure does make instant messaging fun 🙂


Do you think Viber is getting desperate for attention? Or do you think this was a smart move? I woud like your opinion about this


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