Freelancer Acquires Fantero

Freelancer is definitely a website I would recommend for any freelancer, especially graphics designers and developers or coders. I’ve been a member of Freelancer since 2012 0r so, and have used the website for independent freelance projects till date. Freelancer has changed and gotten a lot better over the years, I must say and this news is just another way it’s been doing so recently. Acquires Fantero Acquires Fantero

I didn’t know about Fantero until today, to be honest. I looked them up, and it makes sense. It’s a little bit like The Noun Project, but not free. The Noun Projects offers free graphic object (icons, etc) under the Creatives Common licence, which Fantero allows designers well their works (under licence?) on the website.

With Freelancer acquiring Fantero, I can only imagine Freelancer’s Free Marketplace becoming better with the integration of Fantero… it will become a more professional platform for the designers out there to showcase and monetize their works.


Have you used Freelancer or Fantero before? What’s your opinion about the acquisition? Kindly comment below


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