Ubuntu One Shuts Down

For those who never heard of it, Ubuntu One is an opensource cloud storage solution by Ubuntu, the opensource Linux based operating system. Ubuntu One offered 5GB of free cloud storage, and had paid options as well. It is integrated into the Ubuntu OS, and has some other options for integration as well, like Android apps and so on.

I’ve know about Ubuntu One for at least 4 years now, and haven’t used it quite extensively yet. Nevertheless, I received an email from the Ubuntu One team today about shutting down the service (due to competition, apparently). The email stated that the service will but shut down on the 1st of June 2014, and users have 2 months (until 31 July 2014) to backup all their content offline, after which 100% of everything will be deleted.

Ubuntu One
Ubuntu One

So… if you missed the memo, start backing up your files now!

Alternative cloud storage services you may want to consider include…

  1. Microsoft’s OneDrive, offers up to 20GB free
  2. Google’s Google Drive, offers up to 15GB free

Both have paid options as well, plus Microsoft recently re branded their “SkyDrive” as “OneDrive” and was giving away free storage space (up to 100GB, I think)


Do you have an Ubuntu One account? What cloud storage services do you have or use? I would also like your comments about the shutdown


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