Yahoo! Mail now has link preview

I noticed it 2 days ago, but I felt it was just the JavaScripts messing up. But then I noticed it again today, and I’m sure.

Yahoo! Mail's link preview
Yahoo! Mail’s link preview

So now, when composing an email on Yahoo! Mail and you paste a link within your message, Yahoo! automatically replaces the link with the title of the page and a preview of the link, pretty much like Facebook does when you share a link on your wall.

I think it’s a nice concept, and it’s about time they did so. One reason I like this is that long links get shortened (or lengthened, depending on the title of the page) plus, the person you’re sending the email to has an idea or a clue what the link is about (this also encourages clicking).

I think other web based email interfaces should adopt this feature, even the standalone email applications like Mozilla ThunderBird, and so on.


Have you noticed this feature yet? Do you like it? What are you comments about this new addition to the Yahoo! Mail compose box?



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