Re: April 2014 Boko Haram Kidnapping

A friend of mine broadcasted this on #WhatsApp and it made some sense, hence I decided to share…

Got this from someone, and I love it, cos these have been my Questions for weeks now, that’s why I have been mute about this situation

Please I need help on this, who can Answer these questions please?
Cos I have been pondering over this kidnap situation and some things just don’t add up, hence these questions… The students are said to be SS3 students writing physics examinations before their abduction right?

1. Why are their names not yet published by the school, state government and WAEC?

2. why are their pictures not all over the media platforms?

3. How come all 235 students are in SS3 and all came to write physics examination when the total
number of students in the whole school is 1200?

It was announced that the borno state govt gave N1m each to parents of the missing girls. If that’s true.

1. Why was that money given to these parents? was it as compensation for kidnap or compensation for their deaths?

2. On tuesday 29th April 2014, the senator from borno state said in the senate that the girls have
been taken out of d country to Chad, Niger and Cameron and Married off to their abductors; How come these senators knows so much?,who is their informant?
3. Why is d wife of the state governor organizing women to pressure FG in abuja after National Security Council has ordered the armed forces to all state resources to secure the release of the adopted girls?

I’m just wonder how 200+ girls can be kidnapped at once.

4. How come we haven’t seen those they said have escaped on tv? if SS3 students aren’t up to 120 in a
school of 1200, how is it possible that 234 girls are missing?,

5. Where are the school authorities? we haven’t seen
any of them on tv. We are not fools

WHO IS FOOLING WHO?…We need objective answers please, its time Nigerians start asking questions other than drawing up conclusion.

-Elizabeth Era

I would like your comments please


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