is Offline!? happens to be one of the most popular websites in Nigeria, and in some countries outside Nigeria as well, and a search lead me to one of it’s page. On clicking through, I see this notice: is offline is offline

So is this happening for me alone or is anyone else experiencing the same problem?!

Please comment, thanks


Lost acceas to WordPress

Yup! I lost access to my own blog, thanks to WordPress’s two step authentication that suddenly stopped sending me verification ckdes via sms.

The two step authentication was a nice security feature that I enjoyed, but until sometime last month the verification codes no longer delivered to my cell phone.

Right now the only access I have ia through the WordPress android app, and you can imagine what writing a blog post from an Android phone is like. I mean, the app is really useful but I use it mainly to check my blog stats or publish draft posts, or quick emergency posts. But right now, it seems I’m stuck with this app until wordpress is able to restore my account.

So have you tried the WordPress android app? Do you enjoy using it? Share your experiences with the app or the two step authentication system.