Is my caffeine resistance good or bad?

As far back as I can remember, I caffeine never had a notable effect on me. I do coffee like tea, much so that I can take coffee after my meals, before bed with no problems. Or I can take about 2 cups of coffee in the morning, and still feel sleepy all day (if I didn't have enough sleep the previous night).

The same happens when I take energy drinks, like red bull or shark.. NOTHING happens! No boost in energy or alertness… nothing. I once even mixed coffee with energy drink hoping for something to happen, and still… no effect.

As a programmer, staying alert is quite important for me, so I've been taking coffee so far in hopes that it would keep me alert (some day), but to no avail.

Now this makes me wonder if it's a good thing or a bad thing that I seem to be resistant to caffeine and energy drinks.

Who has any ideas?

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Highway Thoughts: July 13th 2014

Welcome to #lefkosa, a place where #random white people #greet random black people by singing “#chop my money, chop my #money” #lol

I think I missed the bus 😦

The bus finally came 🙂

What better place is there to setup a #gym than on the 6th floor of a building with no elevators?

The bus is slow, no air conditioning… and the guy behind me keeps #farting #wtf

#Traffic #police should also penalize some vehicles for being on the road. I can’t even hear myself think! It’s like a plane that’s crashing

Well, you know that #sound that #crashing #airplanes make in the #movies? That’s kinda how this #bus sounds right now #lol

Sunset over the Mediterranean Sea
Sunset over the Mediterranean Sea

How many big corporations TODAY started out with a plan to “become a big corporation”?

I mean, I believe that when Microsoft started, Gates' plan wasn't to build the next "tech giant" and I'm pretty sure Facebook wasn't started out to become the biggest social media network in the world, not did coca cola say "let's make the most consumed soda in the world".

So does anyone know of or has anyone heard of successful/big corporation today who's initial plan was to "become a giant in their industry" or "expand to 200 countries", and so on, right from the beginning?

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Busy lately

I’ve been extremely busy lately, swamped with work at the office and have not been able to post in a month or two.

Just to let whoever cares to know, that I would resume posting regularly as from this week 🙂

Have a lovely Tuesday everyone 🙂

#Life begins whenever the #hell you want it to
#Life begins whenever the #hell you want it to